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Video Production @ EyecatchVideo Production

We work with you to develop our combined ideas to create a videos that do what you need it to do. Whether its for building your brand, promoting products, competitions, or informational videos. We bring it all together organising scripts, shoot plans, equipment, crew, locations, studios, and voiceover artists. We make it easy for you to just enjoy the process of seeing your vision come to life.

Video is the communication tool of the future.

There are more ways to use video for your business today than ever before, including: • TV Ads • Corporate Videos • Branding Campaigns • Viral Marketing • Films • Tabletop (food, product, etc.) • Real Estate • Music Videos • Trade Shows

Be part of the audience as we film Simon McKinney's first DVD at Herald Theatre 14th May

Posted by Eyecatch on Monday, May 9, 2016

Post Production @ EyecatchPost Production

We have a full service post production suite right in house so whether you’ve elected to have us shoot your project or you’re supplying your own footage, we can edit it together to tell the best story.

Finalizing the look of a video is a crucial step in keeping the video consistent and stylizing it correctly. We have a color grading suite to control the look of the footage all the way through completion.

We often localise International Spots, as well as rework existing advertisements.

We offer audio production and voice overs for radio and video, and full audio mix for broadcast, online, and promotional purposes.

With have the experience and technology to offer visual effects, compositing, and animation.

Broadcast Television Commercials @ EyecatchBroadcast

We know how to make your company or product look good on Television. We have a proven track record of supplying TV Commercials to New Zealand and Australian Networks. Feel free to check out some of our recent work or past work. We are happy to discuss your options, use our Contact Form to get in touch.

We are experienced in delivering high definition, and standard definition video television commercials, we output the highest quality and meet the broadcast requirements for video and audio compliancy in New Zealand and we can also easily deliver television advertisements internationally and meet the technical requirements for the region.

Web Videos @ EyecatchWeb Videos

Online video is a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. When you use video on your website, you have a powerful tool that can increase the popularity of your web pages and spread your message. Whether you want to Engage Customers With Your Brand, promote products, events, or give Your Business a Personal Face, Videos are the most popular medium for people to share information and advertise.

We can add a clickable call to action on the end of your videos to take your viewers where you want them to go with one easy click on desktops, phones, and tablets. See example below.

Pre-roll Advertising @ EyecatchPre-roll Advertising

Pre-rolls, Mid-rolls, Post-rolls and InStream Video

Noun (Internet, advertising) An advertisement that plays before / during / after the main online video content.

Internet OnDemand streaming media sites such as YouTube, TVNZ or TV3 offer the opportunity for businesses to advertise to their watchers. Giving businesses a shot at a targeted and engaged audience.

While you can use your traditional broadcast commercial as a Pre-roll, you will get better engagement, tailoring your advertisement. Giving your audience entertainment that they want to share with their friends. Or go for informative, so your viewer takes something relevant away from your ad. Maybe even go for controversial; get the conversations started, whether it's good or bad, there will be a wider viral reach if viewers are passionate about the topic.

Remembering that generally these types of ads are clickable, why waste an opportunity to build on your ad by not including a click-through link? Viewers want things instantaneously; show them something that they want and if you make them search for it, you'll lose a large percentage of viewers.

Social Media Video @ EyecatchSocial Media Video

Making videos for social media can be a different kettle of fish from traditional advertising. You are not stuck to the time restraints of television advertising, giving you real flexibility on getting your message across. Social videos need to be interesting for viewers and not overly long. Containing either entertainment, humour, incentives (competitions or giveaways), useful educational, or news worthy information. Videos should be short and sweet, getting your message across with out losing your viewer. Making it something they want to share with their friends - getting you more exposure.

Advertising to exact audiences on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and twitter is easy, like being able to select males 25-40 years old who live in New Zealand with an interest in music. You can set very specific parameters in your campaigns to focus on a very select "group", or you can make it very general for a larger audience.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 DVD out now for $28! http://goo.gl/cwAWYh

Posted by The Warehouse on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cinema Advertising @ EyecatchCinema Advertising

People who go to the cinema are not distracted by phones, computers or the mute button. With a total focus on your message on the big screen.

Audio @ EyecatchAudio

Making your audio accessible to mainstream audiences is really a no brainer. So why not record your live show; for iTunes, Amazon or even self publish for download through your Facebook Store. Making your content a polished final product is what we do.

Audio project like - radio advertisements, audio books, how-to guides or TV broadcast mixing.  We have a large range of voiceover artists available. Recording studio can be booked to suit your requirements.

Urzila Carlson on iTunes

Corporate and Promotional @ EyecatchCorporate and Promotional

We create high-quality corporate, promotional and real estate videos for business endeavours of all shapes and sizes.

Loops @ EyecatchInstore Retail / Trade Show Loops

Loops are an advertising vehicle where commercial messages are displayed over and over again on a video screens or display walls. Continuous-loop videos are great in retail for promoting new products, specials or competitions.

They are also excellent for showing your products and services at trade shows.