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Auckland Theatre Company

Auckland Theatre Company wanted to advertise some upcoming shows in a season hype video, highlight a few top shows with broadcast & social media clips plus feature a show with clips for social media.

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Missions with Auckalnd Theatre Company

Partnering with ATC has been an enjoyable & varied experience plus watching live performances are top of our to-do list!

We first worked with ATC for Billy Elliot The Musical in 2016. They had a shoot booked but no editor to pull the footage together into a TV commercial & social media trailer... Queue Chris, he stepped in to add his flare to the project. Stopping by the set to help with creative feedback to ensure he got the footage he would need.

Once all the video footage was in the system the editing began. With big projects that have many hours of footage, the process is essentially the same as smaller projects... just more timelines!

Once Chris is finished with his creative stylings, a mockup was supplied to ATC with a placement voice. For this project, the client came into the edit suite to save some time getting a feel for what they were after. Motion graphics were used to great effect in this job. Using After Effects to make the two actors dance on top of the Billy Elliot title & reveals from behind the actor's movements.

The client wanted to use a piece of music from the show. Once we had the music in place we got the pace for the commercial. Once approved & while Chris colour graded the final footage, one of our remote voiceover artists recorded the voice. Another approval with the voice in place, it was off to the audio engineer for a broadcast mix. One final approval then it was delivered to the station & ratings from CAB.

Once everything was squared away with the TVC we concentrated on the trailer for Social Media. A lot of the work was already done with the sorting of shots. Some of the same shots were used but with more time the full length of some shots was able to be used.

Using a longer version of the TVC music gave us the pacing for the shots & titles. Same colour grading, a web audio mix & approvals it was good to go! We later filmed during a dress rehearsal to update the TVC with live footage to add more excitement.

With the 2017/18 Season Hype Video, we were tasked with getting a timelapse of the new ATC Waterfront theatre light installation. We set up across the street in the afternoon to get the theatre twilight to full sunset transition to fully appreciate the light show. We also tagged along to the photoshoots to grab some video footage to use. Motion graphics played a large part in this season video. Using elements from the title treatment to give seamless cohesion to the project.  Ensuring the video was short & sweet for social media while eyecatching enough to hook the audience.

Shortland Street The Musical was a similar mission as Billy Elliot. With the added task of creating a custom track to use as the base music for the trailer. ATC wanted a showpiece that would remix the Shortland Street theme into a big show feel. We brought in our freelance music composer to create the perfect show tune. While that was happening, Chris was on set to ensure the creative shots needed for the vision were captured. Motion graphics were integral to this project, using the graphics in fun & interesting ways to add movement & keep the energy up. Once all the grading, mixing & approvals were in it was delivered giving us another mission completed!

Check out some of our work with ATC below.


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