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Creating social media, online videos or TV commericals that resonates with clients & viewers alike. With over 25 years of experience, we know how to get it done!

Social Media Video with Eyecatch
Social Media Video with Eyecatch

Social Media Video

Making your newsfeed standout

Videos for social media are a different kettle of fish from traditional advertising. Social videos should be interesting for viewers and not overly long. Videos that engage can be humorous, have incentives (competitions / giveaways), educational or news worthy information. POP Culture videos for Music, Movies, and Games thrive on social media. Videos should be short and sweet, getting your message across without losing your viewer.

Making it something they want to share with their friends - getting you more exposure!

Have a gander at Pioneer Pie Co Social Media Videos

Video Production

Video Production

Video is now!

Our Elite team will do the reconnaissance needed to fortify your ideas and blend them with our expertise to come up with a great concept for your video that will appeal to your audience, and fit into your budget!

With military precision, we will bring it all together organising scripts, shooting plan, talent sourcing, locations, studios, equipment, crew, and voiceover artists with precision making it easy for you to just enjoy the process of seeing your vision come to life.

Video is the communication tool of the future.

Check out our mission Simon McKinney: Special on DVD

Motion Graphics with Eyecatch with Eyecatch
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics & Titles

Get your brand moving

Why have a static logo or title when you could use the space to catch the eye of your audience?

With our tactical experience you could have a luxe motion logo, level up your image on your next project or make your product explode from the screen to grab attention.

No job is too big or too small; gifs & html5 banners or mp4 & mov videos... we have you covered.

We can create a hardcore look that works for you.

Post Production with Eyecatch
Post Production

Post Production

Full Service Post Production Suite

Our full post production editing facility is standing at attention, ready for either projects we shoot for you, or you supply your own footage, we can edit it together to tell the best story.

Motion graphics, animation, visual effects, and composting… are our happy place. With all footage given the once over with our professional industry standard colour grading software and calibrated broadcast OLED Monitors.

Audio is covered with music sourcing and production, a wide range of professional voiceover artists, audio recording studio, and of course full mixing facilities.

So whether its a new project, or you just need something re-worked or localised for broadcast, online, or any other delivery method… we got ya. Oorah!

Check out some examples for Auckland Theatre Company

Broadcast with Eyecatch


Want to advertise on TV?

Commercials that catch the eyes and ears of TV audiences. With a well established track record delivering TV Commercials to New Zealand and Australian Networks. As well as getting the TVC’s rating approval from CAB (NZ) and CAD (AUS). We handle it all so you don’t have to worry. Hooyah!

We output the highest quality and meet the broadcast requirements for video and audio compliancy in New Zealand and we can also deliver television advertisements internationally and meet the technical requirements for any region.

Here is a campaign we created New Zealand & Australian audiences, Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Campaign

Instream Advertising with Eyecatch
Instream Advertising

Instream Advertising

Pre-roll, Mid-roll & Post-roll

OnDemand streaming media sites such as YouTube, TVNZ OnDemand or ThreeNow offer the opportunity for businesses to advertise to their watchers. Giving businesses a shot at a targeted and engaged audience. And with the Epic Lockdowns of 2020, more audiences than ever have turned to streaming services.

While you can use your traditional broadcast commercial as a Preroll, you will get better engagement, tailoring your advertisement. Giving your audience entertainment that they want to share with their friends. Or go for informative, so your viewer takes something relevant away from your ad. Maybe even go for controversial; get the conversations started. Whether it’s good or bad, there will be a wider viral reach if viewers are passionate about the topic.

Take a look at our My Favourite Murders Campaign

Cinema advertising with Eyecatch
Cinema advertising with Eyecatch

Cinema Advertising

Get on the big screen

Cinema really is the last platform standing when it comes to full engagement because it’s the only environment where there’s simply no intrusions allowed.

Not only does it escape the clutter of competing messages, it operates on larger-than-life screens and powerful audio systems to create a completely immersive environment. The cinema audience is unique because it’s full of young, affluent and well-educated consumers who aren’t distracted by a phone or other devices.

Check out our YouTube Cinema Ads Playlist

Audio with Eyecatch with Eyecatch


Get your audio online

Generally the first give-away that a video hasn’t been professionally made will be in the sound quality. Good sound production often goes unnoticed by the consumer, but people certainly notice when the audio does go wrong. This is where good audio technicians prove their worth!

Making your audio accessible to mainstream audiences is easier than ever. So why not record your live show; for iTunes, Amazon or even self publish for download through your Facebook Store. Or commission a music track for your next project.

Contact us today to find out how we can help make your next audio project stand out amongst the rest… IN THE GOOD WAY!

Check out our Shortland Street The Musical Trailer with custom soundtrack.

Corporate with Eyecatch with Eyecatch

Corporate, Business & Real Estate

Elevate your Brand

We create high-quality corporate and promotional videos and helping businesses communicate important messages to their staff and clients, using video.

Well produced video can elevate your brand, make you stand out from the competition and inspire potential customers to think, feel and buy.

We can help. Our elite team of creative specialists are fluent in the art of video marketing and are happy to have a chat, to determine what the best approach would be for your business aims and objectives.

Check out our CBRE Real Estate & Conference videos.

Digital Signage with Eyecatch with Eyecatch
Digital Signage

Digital Signage Advertising

Grab attention

One of the biggest benefits of digital signage is movement. Because digital signs can move and change, they’re way more likely to catch the eye of shoppers and passersby. Printed signs only capture shoppers interest for as long as it takes to read them. When signs change and move, you can draw shoppers in, both visually and physically. That means you’ve piqued their interest and you have a literal foot in the door.

Graphic Design with Eyecatch with Eyecatch
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Bringing your brand to life

Our seasoned team have been creating brand identities for over 20 years, helping our clients with tactical & decisive choices to reach their full potential.

Are you a startup that requires a full brand construction? Have a brand that needs creative fortification? A full marketing campaign? Or just a one-off poster, business card, flyer, ebook, logo, brochure, even an email template? Our crack team are standing by ready to execute your objective in a polished and cohesive design.

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